• It is one of the, if not the most, largest economically revolutionizing project in Africa.
  • It will bring returns on your investments.
  • Obama loves Lamu and promised to visit it again when he can get time & after his term.
  • The cost of land there is cheaper compared to other Industrial & Beach areas in Kenya and Africa as a whole.
  • This in future, as it is now, will be the tourism destination of choice for all classes of people
  • The port will be a floating Port as on Singapore & Indonesia
  • It is both a regional & international port incorporating the nations of Kenya, South Sudan & Ethiopia
  • It is intended and will be a Trans-Africa land bridge opening up Africa - The remaining acknowledged international investment horizon.
  • The American & Kenyan naval bases are based there ensuring maximum security.
  • If you invest now, in 3 or more years, you could sell your investment for millions.
  • The client identifies the plot they would like to purchase
  • An offer letter is issued when 10% of the purchase price is made
  • Cash buyers are expected to complete payment of the 90% pending within 5 business days
  • A sale agreement is issued as a contract between the vendor and the buyer in seven days
  • A transfer is issued to transfer ownership from the vendor to the purchaser and the title deed is then issued in a period of six months' time
  • Choose the property you would like to purchase and note the plot number
  • Fill in the form on the buy property page
  • Choose the payment plan you wish to use and input the amount you wish to pay
  • Make your payment using any of the available methods
  • You will then receive an email with the payments details to the registered email account
The smallest size of plots sold by PBC are 1/4th of an acre which is 150 feet by 72 feet.
We have site visits everyday of the week. If a client is not able to get their own means of transport to the site, arrangements can be made to have staff accompany him/ her.
It is the document issued by the lands registry office as proof of ownership to a property
It is the document issued to transfer land ownership from one entity or individual to another.
An open day is an event that is normally on a large scale, whereas a site visit is on a smaller scale.
Usually on Saturday's but we have provision for during the week provided there is quorum of other clients interested to go to the same site.

PBC has 3 branches:

  • Malindi Office: Ruby House, Adjacent to Malindi High Court and Court of Appeal Building 1st Floor, Office No. FF5
  • CBD Office: Next To Revlon Plaza, Tubman Rd. 3rd Floor, Room no. 204 Nairobi, Kenya
  • Lamu Office: Physical Planning Building, Opp. Zinj Cinema Harambee Street
This is to show that a client is committed to view the property and the charges cover for transport services.